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Jade Phoenix

Exquisite Chinese Natural Jade Carved Two Phoenix Pendants Necklaces


Chinese Exquisite Hand-carved Phoenix Carving jadeite jade statue


100% Chiese Pure natural Hetian jade Handwork carved Dragon Phoenix Pendant


Antique Old Chinese Celadon Nephrite Jade Carved Plaque Statue PHOENIX DRAGON IN


Old Chinese White Nephrite Hetian Jade Phoenix Brush Washer Statue


Good Quality Chinese Jade *HongShan Culture Dragon/Phoenix* Pendant M025


Certified 100% Natural A Jade jadeite pendant Dragon phoenix Good luck龙凤呈祥 YR237




Beautiful Chinese Old Jade *Beast On Phoenix* Pendant Kaa020


Old Nephrite Jade Hand Carved *Long Tail Phoenix Baby Dragons* Pendant #07081803


Old Nephrite Jade Hand Carved Pendant *Dragon Phoenix YINGYANG* #10301805


Vintage Nephrite Jade Hand Carved *Furious Dragon & Phoenix* Pendant #03231910


Chinese Spinach Jade Feline Phoenix & Coin Motifs Relief Carved Plaque (Col)


Old Nephrite Jade 2 Sides Carved LARGE Pendant Dancing Phoenix Dragon #09171806


Natural Genuine A Jadeite Jade Icy Floral Green Dragon and Phoenix Pendant


Antique Nephrite Jade Celadon Phoenix Pendant on 2mm Adjustable Cord 2 7/8".


Chinese Hetian Jade Dragon & Phoenix Pendant


Antique 14k Gold Green Jadeite Jade Dragon Phoenix Pendant, 40mm, 13.8 grams


Antique Vintage Chinese Carved Jadeite White Jade Pendant Plaque Phoenix


Natural Genuine A Jadeite Jade Floral Emeral Sun Green Dragon Phoenix Pendant


Vintage Nephrite Jade Stone LARGE Pendant Dancing Phoenix Curly Dragon #12041828


Vintage Hand Carved Jade Phoenix Chinese Pendant For Necklace Lot #2


Chinese Jadeite Jade Phoenix & Bat & Floral Motifs Relief Carved Plaque (Col)


Chinese natural hand-carved exquisite lantian jade lucky Phoenix Amulet Pendant


Carved JADE Phoenix Bird Infinity Knot PENDANT NECKLACE 26" Long Circa 1970's


Old Nephrite Jade Hand Carved *Curly Dragon & Phoenix* Pendant #11151814


A Vintage Spinach Jade Phoenix Carved Pendant


2" 14K Yellow Gold Pendant w/ Chinese Carved Dragon & Phoenix White JADEITE Jade


Best Jadeite Certified (A) Natural Icy Apple Green JADE Phoenix Bird Pendant


Natural green jade Boutique dragon and phoenix pendant


Old Nephrite Jade Hand Carved *Long Tail Phoenix Bird* Pendant #09161819